Vacation Relaxation

Vacations can be stressful for me. I like everything to be planned. Absolutely everything. I make myself an itinerary to make sure I do everything everything on my list.

Most of the time, I get it all done and feel satisfied with the outcome but in no way do I come back to work relaxed enough.

Routines and Plans

During my teenage years, I attended a Day Hospital. At the Day Hospital, I did schoolwork, did sports and attended therapy groups. One of the therapy groups given revolved around cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

We learned something that has helped me ever since.

Down in the Dumps

It's been hard, you know. Actually, It's been really hard.

A few weeks ago, I was up on cloud nine. I had so many projects in sight of what I had in mind for the summer.

I was excited.

I couldn't stop thinking, thinking and thinking. There was not a moment where I wouldn't give myself a break, relax and just do nothing.

Negative Nancy

Let's face it. I am a Negative Nancy. I am able to turn any situation negatively. About a month ago, my boyfriend told me about this great restaurant he had been to. He wasn't even able to tell me how the food was delicious and what he had chosen to eat that I started ranting.

Self-care. Self-love.

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately. In a previous post, I mentioned how hard it is for me to be held back. I realize I’m being redundant here but bear with me.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to take care of myself.

Caring for yourself comes through many different forms. Somethings work for others while some don’t. 

To get you inspired here’s what works for me.