Sorority Part 2

I came to be in another sorority. Yes. Again.

This time, it was in Montreal. I went back to University in a program that I loved. I still had that same problem of trying to find friends. To be honest, I felt old. That feeling was pretty strong in the way that I don't think it helped me connect with other students in my program.

I did have one or two friends, but again that wasn't enough for me. I have come to learn that it is not the quantity of friends that matter but the quality.

Sorority Part 1

Unbeknownst to you, I was a part of two sororities that shall remain nameless.

When I first started studying in Ottawa, I wanted to fit in. Starting off in Political Science classes with around 75 students was overbearing and made it hard for me to make friends.

2012: Student Protest

2012. The year that proved to me that students can change the face of politics.

It all started in 2007. It was my first year of College. I got involved in my student association and became Club's Coordinator. Until then, I had been living in my happy bubble. My parents were struggling financially but they were paying for my tuition and all of my textbooks. I didn't realize how lucky I was...

School and Insecurity

I thought I could finish my degree in time. I won’t be able to. It's not because I skipped school for the fun of it. I wasn't in class because every morning I woke up defeated. I just did not want to go. Imagine waking up early and telling yourself: "ugh, not today" then imagine that feeling tenthfold.

I was clearly starting to be depressed.

Buying Books

My weakness is buying books.

I have a serious problem.

For example, today I knew I needed to go to the bookstore to get one magazine for my art class. Granted, it was not necessary for me to have said magazine, since I found some clippings the other day.

The grand total should have been $7. 

My Bipolar Story Part 3

This is a hard one because it deals with two of my earliest manic episodes.

When you are manic, there is absolutely no reasoning with you. You can’t make the difference between what is rational and irrational. You do “crazy” things and you are out. of. control. The worst is that when you get out of a manic episode, you remember everything.